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Email 1: Cash in on this Goldmine Opportunity

Hi {!firstname}

The Internet of Things (or IoT) is the trending hot topic at the moment, and it could be just the ticket for you to make the seemingly impossible possible – making more money online.

How you may be asking yourself?

Well this is how {!firstname}…

Can you create the perfect product which could potentially earn you a small fortune? NO? Yes?

It does not matter if you can or can’t. The only way to make money from selling products on the Internet is by knowing where to source them at the right price – and also where to easily and profitably resell them.

British author Dave Price has written a comprehensive 160+ page report on the IoT, namely IoT Profits. On its own, similar reports are selling for $800 or even more. But IoT Profits goes further, identifying how and where to find at least a dozen products linked to the IoT, and where to resell these at a good profit for yourself – without having to worry about how to drive traffic to your website or how you will secure sales. In essence the IoT involves interconnectivity between objects and devices, and this vast field covers a multititude of things, from driverless cars to drones and smart homes.

The techniques outlined in this book can earn you a small fortune with a few very easy steps and simple techniques.

#AFFILIATE_URL# will walk you through the buying and selling process and open all the doors you need.  In addition, when you invest in IoT Profits, you will receive three excellent Free bonus products, including full resale rights to them.

When you look at some of the big marketers on the Internet selling products for $197, $397, or $597, I bet you never thought a ‘How To’ book as good as IoT Profits could be obtained for such a tiny investment.

Learn all about the Internet of Things in an easily-readable style, and at the same time receive your roadmap to making good money with a proven method, provided step by step and second to none. A complete start to finish blueprint which you can return to time and time again to maximize your online sales business and add yet another string to your multiple income streams.


If you perhaps thought you knew the secrets to IoT-related Products, you were wrong!


Take a look. It’ll only take a minute or two?

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Author and lawyer David Price has addressed the many new business opportunities arising from the Internet of Things (IoT) in his new up-to-date eBook report titled IoT Profits.
You will surely agree, all businesses need to continually improve, and doing so while addressing the needs of the market is your way to stay ahead of the competition and stay on top of your game.
No need to create your own products, IoT Profits makes this simple for you, by identifying at least a dozen IoT products, including where to find them and where to resell these profitably. And no worries about driving traffic to a website too.

Dave Price has taken the sales rule book, ripped it up, added fresh unique content along with a few secret tips and resources to create the perfect roadmap for your success.


IoT Profits will take you down a whole new road – a freeway, in fact – to selling IoT-related products from start to finish. The choice is yours, stick to conventional techniques or open the door to a whole new money-making plan.


Success is what you make it.
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Wow, IoT Profits is selling by the dozen, and it’s easy to see why. Please check it out here, as you need to act fast before the special introductory offer price increases – #AFFILIATE_URL#

The Three Free Bonuses also provide excellent value, in the form of “Secrets of Success”, “Genius Guide to Online Profits” and “The Road to Niches” – all with full resale rights for you to on-sell. Your first resale will cover the full cost of investing in IoT Profits.


As you already know {!firstname}, action = success. So, please, don’t delay – act today!


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Product Reviews:

This book is unique and contains loads of new information pertaining to the Internet of Things. The author supports his points well, provides good background material and certainly convinced me of the impact the Internet of Things will have on our daily business and personal lives. I found it informative and useful. Recommended.

Will Bailey, West Palm Beach, Fl, USA


I learned much from reading this book. Very good. Thank you.

Mei Liu, Guangzhou, China Mainland


Excellent! Well written and an easy read in plain English.
I’m excited about trying the selling methods outlined.

Image may contain: 1 person, close-up
Darren Turton, Portsmouth, UK


Clearly, much research and effort went into this report about the new ‘Industrial Revolution’ in the form of the Internet of Things and the disruption it brings. I found it educational and informative. I recommend it without hesitation, and also found the free bonus material of  value.

Jo Perks, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Blog Post:

In a brand new book I highly recommend, IoT Profits, the very latest developments in the most topical trending subject, namely the Internet of Things, are covered in this in-depth report by author and lawyer David Price. Already widely known as the IoT, this modern day era is akin to the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s. Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Driverless Cars, Smart Homes and Smart Cities to name just a few of the fast-changing aspects of our lives and disruptive changes brought about by today’s IoT revolution. Many jobs still taken for granted by most, such as truck and taxi drivers and factory workers, are fast being replaced by robotics and automation driven by the Internet of Things. This 160+ page eBook covers all you need to know about this new phenomenon – PLUS provides some tried and tested ways of profiting from the IoT. Why not take a quick look, whether from a purely informational view, or equipping the future of your own business to embrace the IoT, or perhaps to make use of some online profit opportunities outlined? Check it out here #AFFILIATE_URL#

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